• Professional experience in spatial planning

  • Theoretical and practical knowledge of regional planning and regional development: preparing, analysing and implementing integrated spatial and regional development strategies; defining models and concepts for spatial and regional development; drafting plans and programmes, setting priorities for project implementation
  • Proficiency in urban / town planning in the areas of formal and informal urban planning & urban development, urban renewal, regeneration; work experience in transport / traffic planning, focussing on environmentally and socially friendly urban transport, mobility, integrated transport planning


International Spatial, Regional & Urban development

Conceptual and substantive preparation of a follow-up measure to the BMUB (German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety) funded project “Climate protection through low carbon joint projects in city networks of Jiangsu Province, PR of China” in the frame of the Sino-German Urbanisation Partnership (GIZ, BMUB)

Backstopping of spatial planning processes in Georgia to support the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development to ensure EU compliance regarding the spatial planning documentation for Georgia in general and for Akhmeta Municipality in particular (German Development Cooperation - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit - GIZ GmbH)

Participation in the “Revision of the Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) Regional Plan to 2030 and Elaboration of a Vision to 2050”: Responsible for the issues related to regional governance and for the coordination of the inputs of the thematic infrastructure specialists; responsible for developing concepts for the development of the rural areas within the planning region (as associate of insar consult, society for urban planning, architecture and regional development); client: Vietnam Southern Institute for Urban and Rural planning (SIUP) - changed to Vietnam Southern Institute for Spatial Planning (SISP)

Participation in the design, preparation and implementation of the 4th International Conference on Overcoming Regional Disparities - Implementing Regional Development Policies: What are the key factors for success? (21. + 22. May 2014, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova) with 250 participants from the EU, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia; development of the background paper "How to ensure effective project identification, prioritization and preparation for regional development?"; moderation of a workshop on this topic at the conference (GIZ)

Participation in the design and implementation of the dialogue process “Sustainable Urban Development” of the German Federal State of Brandenburg: Support for the Ministry's definition of key themes (funding priorities) of the European Regional Development Fund with respect to the sustainable and integrated development of the towns in the country; including definition of evaluation and selection criteria and the formulation of a suitable methodology for a possible city selection procedure; preparation of competitions to select eligible projects on sustainable urban development and urban-rural cooperation (with insar, company of consultants for spatial planning, architecture and regional development, for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Agriculture of the Federal State of Brandenburg, Germany)

Regional development expert in the Project “Modernisation of Local Public Services”; Supporting the Regional Development Councils (RDCs) and Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) in the performance of their duties, particularly regarding the identification, development and financing of strategic regional, integrated projects;

Development of a curriculum for the training programme/ course on “regional planning/ strategic regional & local development planning and programming" at the Academy of Public Administration of the Republic of Moldova, in collaboration with the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction (GIZ GmbH)

Participation in the design and compilation of a benchmark-analysis of international urban networks and initiatives in preparation of a GIZ-led project to develop and launch an „International Community of Practice for Sustainable Urban Development", in cooperation with insar, company of consultants for spatial planning, architecture and regional development, for GIZ GmbH

Design and elaboration of the comparative study "Regional Development in South-East Europe" in cooperation with OIKOS, d.o.o; Presentation and discussion of the results/ findings of the study on a workshop of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia (GIZ GmbH)

Support to the Moldovan Ministry of Regional Development and Construction as well as to the Regional Development Agency North, local authorities and NGO on utilisation of EU-CBC and TNC programmes in implementing the regional development strategies; institutional capacity development and project preparation (GIZ GmbH)

Elaboration of the study: Urban development scenarios for Murska Sobota and the towns of Pomurje region, Slovenia; Support in formulation and implementation of regional development projects; provision of urban and regional development expertise in the frame of an international consortium led by OIKOS (Oikos, svetovanje za razvoj, ltd).

Advice to the GTZ-project Regional Economic Development – RED in Macedonia (FYROM) and its partner organisation (Ministry of Local Self-Government) in terms of effective and efficient coordination and vertical and horizontal cooperation of activities in the field of regional development, especially in the context of preparation for the EU cohesion policy (GTZ GmbH and InWEnt gGmbH)

Participation in a research project of the German Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (Bundesinstitut für Bau-, Stadt- und Raumforschung – BBSR) on urban regeneration in Eastern Europe. The aim is to complement an existing study on measures in the field of urban regeneration/ urban renewal in regions in a crisis or undergoing structural change, which is focussed on experiences from Western Europe with a new, additional one dealing with best practises in Eastern Europe. The project partners are the German Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) in Cottbus, Faculty 2: Architecture, Civil Engineering and Urban Development, Department "Urban Management", and insar consult, Berlin.

Support to two Working Groups of the „Task Force for Regional Development in Georgia“: Working Group No 2 - Regional Management, Institutional Set-up and Human Resources Development; Working Group No 6 - Environment and International Cooperation of Regions. Close cooperation in the process of analysing the “Diagnostic Report on Regional Development in Georgia” as well as in the formulation of the Regional Development Strategy (GTZ Georgia, Cegstar).

Preparation of Guidelines and Recommendations for more effective coordination in the area of regional development in the Republic of Macedonia, in the context of the GTZ RED (Regional Economic Development) Project

CEMAT-Model Regions – Regions of Innovation II: Support in initiating cross-border cooperation in the area of spatial and regional development between Armenia and Georgia; Support in drafting a regional development strategy and a law on spatial planning as well as a concept for the territorial organisation for the Republic of Armenia (Project under the auspices of the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs – BMVBS – and the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning – BBR; GTZ Twinning Office Berlin)

Provision of expertise in the implementation of two projects under the INTERREG III B Neighbourhood Programme:

  • RAIL BALTICA – Trans-national Integration through Coordinated Infrastructure and Regional Development, implementation of work package 1 “Definition of a common approach for the integration of spatial planning and regional development issues in infrastructure projects” (GTZ GmbH - German Technical Co-operation, GTZ Twinning Office Berlin); and
  • ReMiDo – Sustainable reintegration of post-soviet military residential areas as a challenge and opportunity for regional development in the Baltic Sea Region, work package 2 “Strategies and relevant approaches for sustainable development of post-soviet military areas” (University of Wismar, Germany)


Key expert and advisor to the Ministry of Local Self-Government in the frame of the GTZ-project Project „Regional Economic development in Eastern Macedonia - REDEM“ supporting the Macedonian administration in preparing a draft regional development strategy and law; (German bi-lateral assistance, GTZ International Services)

Contribution to the elaboration of the Urban Master Plan for Kalkaman2, 3rd district of Almaty, Kazakhstan: integration of the planning area into the regional context (Planungsgruppe 4, Berlin, Germany)

Preparation of a study on ‘Spatial Development Strategies in Developing and Transition Countries’ for the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ GmbH)